alm Composite Systems, LLC


Corporate Overview

alm Composites Systems LLC of Scarborough Maine is an early stage manufacturing company which utilizes its proprietary high tech composite formula to build innovative renewable energy equipment and components. alm Composite Systems [ALMCS] is also well underway in developing future composite products that provide green, lightweight, durable solutions for transportation and military components. For the near term, ALMCS is focused upon fulfilling its first order for 670 units of the 10 kW [kilowatt] Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which represents 6.7 mW [megawatt] of energy generating potential. These first orders are expected to exceed $15 million in 2011. alm Composite Systems [ALMCS] first product coming off the line is part of the Windblade Family of turbines. It is the Windblade 10 kW [kilowatt] turbine. ALMCS has three products, the Windblade 10kW, 5kW and 2.5 kW turbines, which have been approved by The California Energy Commission, considered the green energy benchmark in America. These products are posted on the CEC website. alm Composites Systems will begin manufacturing at a temporary facility with 5,000 square feet of space in Scarborough which is owned by two members of ALMCS and will establish permanent manufacturing at The Brunswick Naval Facility in Brunswick, soon to be known as Brunswick Landing. By June 2010 when the US Navy transfers full control of the base to The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority [MRRA], ALMCS will relocate onto the permanent 30,000 facility, Building #86, at the landing. The facilities at Brunswick landing are in very good condition allowing for turnkey set up and additional space is available for future expansions. The Scarborough facility will become the company’s research and development facility for new and modified products. In addition to having excellent facilities, Brunswick Landing desires tenants who meet criteria in green energy and composite manufacturing job creation which have good prospects for generating lease revenue. As a result, a generous and highly desirable package of economic incentives and inducements are offered to alm Composite Systems by The State of Maine and The Midcoast Redevelopment Authority. The list of offerings is available upon request.

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What’s New

20111 Qtr

Negotiating orders of 6.7 mWatts valued at
$22.11 Million

20104 Qtr

Received approvals from California
Energy Commission
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. alm Composite Systems
is successfully registered with CCR,
ORCA Registry and SBA search database.

20094 Qtr

Completed full scale field testing in Texas.